Oktoberfest is here, but Americans won't start celebrating until next month because no one can understand why a holiday named Oktoberfest would start in September!  (This article explains the reason and the History of Oktoberfest!)

Sometimes I feel sorry for ze' Germans.  Oktoberfest reinforces the American prejudice that all Germans must be beer-guzzling lederhosen-clad or dirndl-wearing party-goers when in fact, the German culture is so much more!  However, before I can feel TOO SORRY for Germany, I remember ALL the crazy American stereotypes I saw while living abroad!!!  It was amazing/funny/a tad annoying how the "American image" was used in marketing everything from cheese to carnival games!

Here are a few of the examples I found of U.S.-American imagery used in German products.  What do you think?  Leave me a comment!

Happy travels and safe flying!

I don't know about you, but I've never seen BBQ-Curry flavored fries in the United States.
I think someone thinks Toast means Cheese! This product is from Austria, but I found it in a German supermarket!
"The Giant Hamburger" food stand at a festival in Stuttgart.
American Style Nails!
American Pancakes for less than 1 Euro!
Want to win a stuffed Snappi doll? Try out this Super Bowl carnival game!
Nothing symbolizes freedom better than Lady Liberty holding the pieces of a Skee Ball game!
This really IS the bread that most Americans buy. I miss my German bakeries and freshly baked loaves of Pumpernickel!
(Upper Left) Uncle Sam wants YOU to watch the live boxing.
Not just any jeans....these are red, white, and blue! They must be American!
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Josh Martin
09/21/2015 19:40

I like the Statue of Liberty holding the skee ball, lol. Also, that's quite a deal on the "American" pancakes. I wonder what makes them American? Perhaps they are drenched in delicious syrupy freedom!

Angela Martin
09/23/2015 20:36

Haha! Stereotypes are so funny! It is interesting how other countries see us. I remember seeing American peanut butter, it was a tiny little jar and had a big flag on it. I had never known that PB was mostly american!

10/13/2015 10:33

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