As a new writer trying to pitch my first novel, I am required to write a synopsis of my book.  The agents who will receive my synopsis are short on time and frankly, probably more interested signing with an established writer instead of me.  That's why it's so important that my synopsis is concise and attention-getting.  One pitching expert recommends limiting a synopsis to 500 words!  I've written a book that is 78,000 words and I'm supposed to explain it in a chunk of text that could fit on the back of a cereal box?!  That's insane!
I was procrastinating doing this dreadful writing task when a pair of good friends came into town with their adorable munchkin known by the nickname Baby Cakes.  My experience with children is pretty limited and I knew my friends were on a mission to break my fear of child-raising, making sure I had plenty of one-on-one time playing with their sweet girl.

Baby Cakes had lots of toys and books and when we were playing...viola!  Clarity hit me like a good whack to the head.  I suddenly realized that Baby's Disney Frozen board book was a synopsis!  

Some poor writer at Disney had to come up with a FOUR SENTENCE synopsis for the movie Frozen.  Somehow, I found that very encouraging!  It's all about cutting out the fat and getting to the meat of the story! (Sorry, vegetarians.)

Check out the Frozen synopsis in the pictures below.  You can purchase the book HERE on Amazon

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05/09/2015 21:51

Glad to see you found such inspiration. If they can turn a feature film into four sentences, you sure can write a smashing synopsis for your novel. I'm excited to give the book a read when the time comes!

06/01/2015 10:39

Hopefully you won't need to wait TOO long! Unfortunately, I'm quickly learning that the traditional route to publication is a long and difficult one. I can see why so many people turn to author (self) publication. I'm mustering up all of my patience though and preparing myself for a ton of rejection. I've heard several stories now of bestselling authors who were rejected over 90 times before they found someone to represent their work!

Thanks for sharing in my dream. Support is so needed! :)


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