Autumn is fast approaching.  We've had a few frosty mornings in my hometown and as a result, a little mouse was devious enough to break into our home in search of warmth and food!  Late one night when we were about to put the chinchillas to bed, my husband glimpsed something scurrying across the carpet and into the pantry.  I'm sure the chinchillas would have loved having a fellow rodent as a playmate (and I wonder if perhaps if the mouse had made nightly visits before!), but we needed to catch the little guy and get him out of our home!  Doing so proved quite the challenge.  Here is a video of the exciting mouse hunt!

~Jenn Grahams
My in-laws came to visit us Palm Sunday weekend!  They brought their cat Molly along.  Molly, a sixteen month old kitten, is kind of notorious for being overly playful and hyper.  In fact, she often annoys the older cat of the family, Sara Lee.  Fearing Molly might antagonize my chinchillas, I made sure to "cat proof" their cages.
Molly Cat 1
Kuzco's cage
Molly Cat 2
Pancho's cage
Kuzco's cage was already fortified with plexiglass walls, but for Pancho's cage we added a fence for his protection.  Even though Molly is declawed, we didn't want her to scare our little guy by sticking her paws through the bars.  As we predicted, Molly showed immediate interest in our furry pets.  As soon as she entered the house, she began watching them intently.
Molly Cat 3
Molly staring at Pancho!
Surprisingly, when Molly approached his cage, Pancho didn't flinch.  In fact, he even tried to get closer to Molly to sniff her!
Cat Meets ChinchillaPancho showed great interest in Molly and didn't seem afraid at all!
After watching the two pets eagerly stare and sniff one another for an entire day, I decided to research online whether or not cats and chinchillas get along.  I had assumed they would not! 

My reasoning was that a  chinchilla basically looks like a giant mouse.  I therefore figured a cat's predatory instincts would kick in at the sight of a chin and the cat would want to attack the chinchilla!

Contrary to this assumption, I found several videos of cats and chinchillas getting along!  So, we decided to give it a try.  With much supervision and helpful hands at the ready, we put the creatures together!  Here's a video of what happened!

No pets were harmed in the making of this film!

Chinchilla and Cat Friends

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Chinchillas are part of the rodent family so they're teeth are constantly growing!  As a chin parent, I always make sure to give my little guys plenty of wood to chew so they can file down their growing teeth.  Between our two chinchillas, the younger one (Kuzco) is the stronger nibbler.  He can devour wooden dowels in minutes! 

Last night we gave Kuzco a new chew toy.  We got this wooden wheel puzzle from Petco.  Although he was a bit camera shy, Kuzco's reaction to the new toy was obvious!
I'm sick today and sorting through old videos of my chinchillas.  This is our 4 year old chin named Pancho.  We bought him through Craigslist.  The former owners didn't have time for him.  His cage was a mess with flies buzzing around it.  His ear is tattered.  We think the former owners' cat got to him.  He doesn't "ninja jump" like other chinchillas, but he can do a little leg hop.  :)
Start off your weekend with a smile!  Enjoy this video of my adorable pet chinchilla Kuzco.

Happy Friday!
-Jenn Grahams

    Jenn Grahams

    is a flight attendant and an aspiring writer.  She lives in the Midwest with her husband, many pet fish, and two chinchillas named Kuzco and Pancho.

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